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People board an evacuation train from Kyiv to Lviv at the central train station in Kyiv, Ukraine, March 4, 2022. (Gleb Garanich/ Reuters)
I know that what’s passing in Ukraine is a war Health Lebanon Va. But the word seems a little off to me, and has for weeks. “ Unconceivable,” says Hanna Liubakova, the Belarusian intelligencer. “ In Chernihiv, 10 people staying in line for chuck were shot dead.”


Is this not wanton murder, nearly for sport?
How about this? “ Hostages as Russian forces enthrall sanitarium Health Lebanon Va.” Cases and croakers — hostage.

Get to know a family a little. “ He was everything I could ever conjure of, an illustration of what a man should be,” says a woman named Maryna, of her hubby, Myhailo. They were married for 34 times. He was killed in a Russian attack. So was their son, Serhiy — who failed in his mama’s arms.

Why is Putin doing this? For what great, noble ideal?
• To save the Russophones! some people say. To save the Russian- speaking people from Ukrainian- speaking Nazis! Oh, bulls ***. Then’s a picture of a academy in Kharkiv, smoothed. Then’s some footage from (what was) the major center of Kharkiv.

We’re talking about a Health Lebanon Va. Putin has done to it what he did to Grozny and Aleppo. He’s doing it to other Ukrainian metropolises, municipalities, and townlets, too. It’s what he does, this destroyer of life. And his suckers, worldwide, consider him “ strong.”


More likeanti-life.

• There will come a day, I hope, when the Russian occupation is no more. The job of reconstruction — physically reconstructing Ukraine — will be immense. I hope they make it back with as important beauty and care as possible, as snappily as possible. It’ll take a lot of plutocrat, and perhaps a lot of heart as well.

• You know who Marina Ovsyannikova is — the Russian intelligencer who intruded a broadcast of her state TV. She held up a sign saying, “ No war. Stop the war. Do n’t believe propaganda. They lie to you then.” When I took note of this on Twitter, someone responded, “ That’s Tank Man- position courage.” I allowed that was beautifully observed.

Before the cataclysmal moment, Health Lebanon Va made a videotape, saying, “ It’s in our power, only, to stop this. Go to demurrers. Do n’t be spooked. They ca n’t arrest us all.”

Are there fairly many bravehearts in Russia? Perhaps. Are there fairly many anywhere? Presumably. Can you forgive people for keeping their heads down in a “ fear society” (as Natan Sharansky says)? Of course.

In any event, I keep allowing of a statement by José Martí, tutored to me by Lincoln Diaz-Balart, 20 times ago “ When there are numerous men who warrant honor, there are always others who have within themselves the honor of numerous men.”

• You saw, presumably, that they — the Russian state — are going to put an fresh 13- time judgment on Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader. Such a’fraidy little man, Putin. Tyrants are right to be hysterical, really They know they’re illegitimate.

“ Putin is popular with his people!” I hear people say. But he does n’t act like it, does he? Would a leader truly confident of his fashionability prohibit a free press, immure his critics, incapacitate them, kill them? Does that make sense to you?
• Vladimir Putin is Soviet to the core. As Vladimir Bukovsky told me, “ He’s a product of the system. Everything he does comes with a speckle on it” — a Soviet speckle. Following functional failures in Ukraine, Putin had his intelligence chiefs arrested. Of course.

• Candace Owens, a star of the American Right, with 3 million Twitter followers, twittered, “ Russian lives matter.” (This was retweeted by the Russian delegacy in Washington.) They clearly do matter. And the topmost trouble to them? The Russian government, led by Putin. Millions of Russians have gone into exile. They’re streaming out now. As proved by the Keepsake society, there are more political captures in Russia moment than there were in the late Soviet period.

Anyone who values Russian lives ought to oppose this absolutism with all his strength.

Boris Nemtsov’s life signified. Sergei Magnitsky’s life signified. Yes, they each matter.

• This is Ukraine’s chairman, Zelensky, speaking to Russian dogfaces “ You wo n’t take anything from Ukraine. You’ll take lives. But we will take your lives too. We offer you a choice If you surrender, we will treat you as people should be treated. With quality. Not like your army has treated you.”

Well done.

• What about biolabs? Veritably intriguing is a report by Ben Collins and Kevin Collier. Moment, “ biolabs” is to numerous Americans what “ CrowdStrike” was in 2019. I’ll refresh your memory, by quoting from a report I wrote from Kyiv, for our December 31, 2019, issue
Citation CrowdStrike to people, and, if they’ve heard of it, they do n’t know whether to laugh or cry. Numerous times, Trump has said that CrowdStrike is “ a Ukrainian company,” possessed by an oligarch. The proposition holds that Ukraine, not Russia, addressed the Democratic National Committee in 2016. CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity company, ingeniously projected the hacking on Russia. “ The garçon” is hidden nearly in Ukraine right now. Etc.
As Tom Bossert, the chairman’s first motherland- security counsel, said on TV last September, this proposition has been “ fully debunked.” CrowdStrike is, in fact, an American company, grounded in Sunnyvale, Calif. It was innovated in 2011 by three Americans George Kurtz, Dmitri Alperovitch, and Gregg Marston. The second of those, true, was born in Russia — the Soviet Union, actually (Moscow, 1980). With his family, he emigrated to America when he was a teenager. They lived in Chattanooga. Dmitri went to Georgia Tech.

CrowdStrike, apropos, is retained by the National Republican Congressional Committee. It seems to be a cybersecurity company of choice.
A little bit more, of continuing significance
On November 20, Vladimir Putin sounded a triumphant, satisfied note. Speaking to a forum in Moscow, he said, “ Thank God, no bone is criminating us of snooping in theU.S. choices presently. Now they ’re criminating Ukraine.” The coming day, Fiona Hill witnessed before Congress. She’s a Russianist, formerly on President Trump’s National Security Council staff. “ Grounded on questions and statements I’ve heard,” she said, “ some of you on this commission appear to believe that Russia and its security services didn’t conduct a crusade against our country — and that maybe, ever, for some reason, Ukraine did. This is a fictional narrative that has been executed and propagated by the Russian security services themselves.”
• A little further from my report, also applicable to our conversations moment
In the once — including the veritably recent past — Ukraine has had an image among American rightists and Republicans as a plucky, grittypost-Soviet nation, trying to establish a republic while protecting off the KGB colonel in the Kremlin. There’s a John McCain Street in Kyiv. The megacity council renamed a road in the late assemblyman’s honor before this time. During the Euromaidan revolution, McCain came to Kyiv to stand with the protesters. “ We’re then to support your just beget,” he said, “ the autonomous right of Ukraine to determine its own fortune freely and singly.” The prospect of going without similar support is intimidating to Ukrainians.
Chauvinists, wherever they live, might be particularly keen on Ukraine — because Ukrainians are floundering for their own nationhood, their own culture, their own identity. They’re floundering not to be reabsorbed into an conglomerate. Liberal egalitarians and chauvinists likewise might be attracted to Ukraine’s cause.

• I allowed Julia Davis said commodity veritably canny a many days agone. She’s an critic of the Russian media, and a columnist for the Daily Beast.
Every time theU.S. says “ We’ll defend every inch of NATO home,” Russia hears, “ Take the rest.” One of numerous exemplifications Russia’s state Television host Vladimir Soloviev said moment, “ As I understand it, Moldova, Georgia — whatever is n’t NATO, go right ahead.”

• You may have heard sentiments similar as this “ Putin noway did anything bad to me, tête-à-tête.” He has n’t to me either — if you do n’t count similar effects as trying to kill one of my musketeers (Vladimir Kara-Murza) and hanging another (Bill Browder). Anyway, I suppose of Muhammad Ali “ I ai n’t got no quarrel with them Vietcong.” He added that “ no Vietcong ever called me‘n *. ’”
I can understand Ali’s position. (1) He was refusing induction into the army. (2) He was living in Jim Crow America. Nevertheless, the Vietcong were a murderous, totalitarian movement. And Vladimir Putin moment? Any decent person ought to have a quarrel with him, at some position.

• Then’s Yarema Dukh, a Ukrainian political adviser, twittering a videotape and saying,
. Have a regard of Ukrainian passions right now. Turn the sound on. That’s me walking on the road I walked as a sprat, now harkening to the airstrike enchantresses. Now, remember your neighborhood as a sprat and imagine it with the enchantresses. That will give you a peep at our feelings now.

• Then’s Inna Sovsun, a member of the Ukrainian congress

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